PGM Catalysts

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PGM Catalysts

- Gas purification and Conversion catalysts – H2 purification, NH3 cracking
- PGM on Carbon catalysts for Hydrogenation in fine chem and pharma

PGM Catalysts

- Reduction of Nitrous Oxide during the Ostwald Processing using Precious Metal based
  Heterogeneous Catalysts

PGM Catalysts reduction

- Platinum Catalysts for the Lignin Conversion into Phenolics as Bio-based Resource
  for Phenolic Resins

PGM Catalysts platinum

- Ruthenium Catalysts for the Efficient Conversion of 5‑HMF into DFF to Produce Phenolic Resins

PGM Catalysts ru

- Precious Metal Catalysts on activated carbon

PGM Catalysts carbon